Piano Festival – J. Marchal

Hours and date:
08/01-2018 at 7:00 PM
Jaani Kirik Ulitsa Dekabristov, 54/54, Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 190121
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Piano Festival presents an unforgettable New Year's gift - a joint concert of two geniuses of the neoclassic, behind the exquisite sophistication and clarity of music which lies the real storm of emotions. Luke Howard is called almost the main modern composer of Australia, and his music is heavenly and enveloping. However, no epithet is able to fully convey the lightness and depth of the pianist's melodies. He writes music for the cinema and performs on stage with artists as diverse as the barefooted pianist Benjamin Clementine and the pioneer of techno Jeff Mills are. The chords and harmonies in Howard's plays constantly evolve and, before turning into a magical melody, suddenly fall into a synth arpeggio. Among the composer's recent works are classical arrangements of tracks by the pioneer of color photography by William Eggleston and the preparation of three new albums: solo, for his own jazz trio and together with saxophonist Anton Deleck. The company overseas guest this evening will be Julien Marchal - a composer originally from Bordeaux, whose work is a synthesis of pianoforte, strings and electronic music. Closely located on his instrument microphones are able to catch the smallest details, fixing each stroke of the damper, hammer blow and mechanical noise. On stage, the performer seems to stop time - everything around dissolves, freezes, becomes weightless and insignificant. Last summer, Julien released the studio album "INSIGHT III", the works of which the French musician will present for the first time in Russia together with completely new works.